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Blogspot domains?
As our adcode works only on the domain it was registered on, many of our publishers are worried that there might be problems with using our adcode on Blogspot based blogs, as Blogspot uses different domains depending on the visitor country(for example, the same blog can be reached by accessing blogname.blogspot.ae, blogname.blogspot.com, blogname.blogspot.de etc.).
Please be aware that our system is prepared to properly handle this situation and you should not worry about it.

PopAds is not counting all my traffic?
PopAds is an advertising network, not an Internet statistics software. In other words, we only count ad impressions and not your traffic.
If you believe we count less ad impressions than we should, there might be few reasons causing this problem:
    Our system will detect you as a publisher and you will be getting only PopAds default advertisement. This is perfectly normal, your regular traffic will get real and paid ads.
    Remember that in order to bypass popup blocker, visitor has to click anywhere on your website.
    Our adcode is blocked by AdBlock or other similar browser extension/software.
    The visitor uses NoScript or other similar browser extension/software.
    The visitor has blocked our cookies or has blocked 3rd party cookies.
    The visitor is using VPN or other form of proxy.
    We might have no advertisers for some visitors/countries.
    The visitor has already seen too many popunders from our network this day.
    The problem is in the traffic itself. Any form of bought or artificially generated traffic will not open our ads(this includes traffic from traffic exchanges).

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Do you provide direct URL / direct link?
No. We do not and will not provide direct URL. Also, we do not buy traffic resold from other adnetworks.
The only way to work with us as a publisher is to use our Javascript adcode.

What is Quality score and how can it be improved?
Quality score is an algorithmically calculated quality score of your traffic.
It is based on feedback we receive from our advertisers regarding your website. In case your website is new and there is no feedback yet, our system will assume that your traffic quality is 5/10 (two and a half star). This is normal and will be updated once we get enough data from our advertisers.
In order to keep your score high, try not to use many other ads on your website except for PopAds and focus on getting quality, organic traffic interested in your content.
Please be aware - we cannot alter the score in any way, do not contact us to increase it - we are not able to do it.

PopAds.net - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

When will I get my payment?
PayPal and Payoneer
Please go to Billing section and click on the transaction ID(ie. PA/123456) of the withdrawal in question. Our system should display a countdown clock indicating when will your payment be processed.
Payza withdrawals are processed manually and are often delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. We try to process withdrawals every 2 weeks.
Wire transfers are currently processed manually, so it might take a few days for the wire to be sent.
Please allow up to 7 business days for the wire to arrive after you got an email notification that it was processed. If after 7 business days it has not arrived, feel free to contact us.
Also, remember that there might be additional delays caused by holidays in sending or receiving countries.

PopundersPerIP limit does not work?
Please be aware that PopundersPerIP setting does not affect the Default Advertisement.
If you are getting Default Advertisement pops repeatadly, you can click on the link inside the Default Advertisement to block it for 2 weeks.
Remember that it is only shown to you and not to your users. Regular traffic will get normal ads which will respect the PopundersPerIP setting.

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